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When the sun goes down, the party starts at Top Banana Rooftop Bar. We feature live DJs, guest performances and exciting events every single day of the week. Whether you're nursing a heartbreak, celebrating or looking for a way to forget the night, we've got everything you need!


Full-time Bartender, Part-time Magician!

Looks like we've got staff with diverse talents here at Top Banana  - Ranet's talents that include making delicious drinks for our guests, drinking copious amounts of alcohol without falling over & even performing magic tricks that could rival David Copperfield!

More information on Phnom Penh's Nightlife

Phnom Penh's Nightlife has grown to be an essential part of the city experience with many bars and clubs that spring to life the moment the sun sets. You can find a variety of nightlife entertainment from open concept bars, dance clubs, karaoke pubs, hostess bars and more.

There are several areas where you hit up Phnom Penh's nightlife for a night to remember - Sisowath Quay along the river front with many bars and hostess bars, the Golden Street (St 278) where you can find our Top Banana Rooftop bar and various other bars and pubs.

Our friends at Phnom Penh Underground have an invaluable Club Calendar with all of the best that Phnom Penh and Cambodia has to offer - check it out here.

It is easy to get from one destination to another by tuk-tuks who are available at any hour of the night, standard fare ranges from 1-5 dollars depending on the distance travelled. It is not advisable to walk from one destination to another when you are intoxicated. Top Banana Rooftop bar would like to remind all guests to practice responsible drinking and to take care of all belongings on a night out.

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